10. Crypto Conclusion

Bitcoin started it all back in 2009 and there is more known about this virtual currency than any other. You can learn all you need to know about this famous cryptocurrency a lot easier than you can other cryptocurrencies.

There are more Bitcoin groups and communities than any other cryptocurrency. You don’t need to blindly follow advice from these but there will be people who are part of them that have a great deal of experience in Bitcoin investment that you can learn from.

With Bitcoin sometimes having very high values in the thousands of dollars you can buy fractions or Satoshi’s (named after the inventor Satoshi Nakamoto). There are more places that you can buy and sell Bitcoin than any other cryptocurrency.

There are ways that you can obtain Bitcoins without buying them. If you have a business, either online or offline, you can sell your products and services in exchange for Bitcoin. A lot of people now own Bitcoins and will be happy to see that you are moving with the times and accepting it as a form of payment.

With an offline business all you need to do is to create a QR code from your private key and then you can print this off and display it in your store. Bitcoin owners can use their smartphones to scan the QR code and then make the Bitcoin transfer immediately. After a few minutes the transaction will complete and you will have the additional Bitcoins in your wallet.

With an online store you can use a script or a plugin for a Bitcoin payment gateway. People that shop in your store will then have Bitcoin as an added payment option.

There are websites that will pay you in Bitcoins for performing tasks. A lot of freelancers prefer to be paid in Bitcoins as the transactions only take a few minutes whereas a bank transfer can take days depending on the countries involved. Customers like Bitcoin because there are no expensive bank transaction fees to pay.

There are more guides and reports on Bitcoin investing and trading than any other cryptocurrency. If you were to get involved with a new cryptocurrency then there is always the risk that it is a scam. Bitcoin has been around for a long time and is definitely not a scam.

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency because it has the largest user base. Across the world there are more than 10 million Bitcoin wallets in existence. A large user base like this just adds to the credibility of Bitcoin and this in turn leads to more people interested in investing in it and using it as a currency.

There are many more use cases for Bitcoin than with other cryptocurrencies. Any business or individual can adopt Bitcoin and its potential for use in modern society is staggering. This has come to the attention of many and as a result the price has soared.

There are other good cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum which have the advantage of smart contracts but it would not be in existence today if it wasn’t for Bitcoin. Ethereum is a valuable cryptocurrency but it will always be in the shadow of Bitcoin.

There is no reason why you cannot invest in other cryptocurrencies when you have some experience. By starting with Bitcoin you have the advantage of a great deal of history that you can learn from. This will give you greater confidence to invest and once you start to turn a profit then you can look at alternatives.

Like it or not Bitcoin has the most users and is the most likely to attract more. More and more people are adding themselves to the Bitcoin blockchain which increases its value. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and attracts more media attention than all of the others combined.

Now that you know the 10 secrets to cryptocurrency profits it is time for you to take action. Don’t just read this report and do nothing. Use the information in this report to create a strategy for cryptocurrency investing. Find out more about Bitcoin and where you can purchase it.


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